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After almost 10 years of experience in start-upping digital social media businesses in the fashion industry, we offer advisory in these fields:

Marketing Analysis:

The goal is to determine the attractiveness of a specific market and to study the related opportunities. Dimensions are the market size, growth rate, profitability, Industry structure, trends and key success factors.


Marketing techniques used to create, administrate and develop a specific brand.

Social Media:

It includes the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media websites. The major point is to create content that attracts attention and encourage users to share it.

Digital Pr:

The ensemble of people and activities concerning the attention of the digital public around the brand.


Opening start ups, creating the business, finding financials and business ideas.

TBS Crew is not only the publisher company of owned by Chiara Ferragni and Riccardo Pozzoli, but it is its entire world and people around it. TBS Crew is a bound family of young talents who are constantly working together everyday to make The Blonde Salad magic happen. Different person but connected people, able to create and experiment new communication ways thanks to a unique blend of passion, positive energy, creativity, family spirit and a touch of madness.
The Blond Salad
Chiara Ferragni is a young fashion brand born in 2010 from the idea of Chiara and Riccardo Pozzoli, with Chiara Ferragni herself as Creative Director. Chiara Ferragni takes inspiration from travels, music, pop culture and contemporary art for a collection that combines feminine elements with modern silhouettes. The brand is a successfull mix of iconic elements and contemporary trends.
Chiara Ferragni
Foorban is an innovative app born in Milan, co-founded by Riccardo Pozzoli. It's an app that guarantees to deliver food within 20 minutes from the confirmation of the order. All the meals are fresh and daily cooked, in order to guarantee a top quality all the time. Foorban is a new kind of online food delivery that converges cooking with logistics. Every day is available a different menù, with always fresh ingredients and it will be delivered within 20 minutes from the order. Foorban covers every aspect of the process, from the production to the delivery. Every step is overseen by Foorban which means that it guarantees quality, taste and a top service. Discover more on
Depop is the new way to shop. Here you can buy, sell and share millions of unique items; vintage & luxury fashion, art, illustration, books, records and trainers with this mobile app. Build your own community of sellers and buyers. Depop is also a community – it’s a fun place to hang out. Keep up-to-date with your friends’ activity; like, share and comment on items that catch your eye.
The NGA Club is an exclusive gentlemen's club in which members share a passion for cars, motorcycles and all kinds of wheels and engines available. Founded by Riccardo Pozzoli, Andrea Busnelli, Giorgio Merlino and Andrea Schiavina in 2015, its main communication tool is the website: This is the place where you can find the latest challenges, journeys and trips that our club members experienced.
NGA Club